The Company Behind Custom Labeled Wines

Latitude Beverage is the innovative, Boston-based company behind a portfolio of national wine brands, including 90+ Cellars, Lila Wines, Iron Side Cellars, Magic Door Vineyards, and Mija Sangria.

The company was founded in 2007 by Kevin Mehra, who saw an opportunity to make high-end wine more accessible by purchasing oversupply from top wineries across the globe, bottling the wine under his own labels, and selling it to consumers at a lower price.

This unique business model, based on the centuries old function of the négociant, became the foundation for 90+ Cellars.

How 90+ Cellars works:

  1. 90+ Cellars searches the globe for great wines from highly rated wineries and vineyards.
  2. We taste thousands of wines every year, and select only the best.
  3. With insider relationships and without typical winery overhead, we bring you world-class wines for less.
  4. Every wine has a Lot Number and the 90+ stamp of approval. That way, you know you’ll get a great wine, every time.
A selection of wines under Latitude Beverages’ growing portfolio are now available for custom labels, for the very first time! There’s something for all wine lovers to enjoy, from a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc to high-end California reds, so let’s get started!